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AVF Consulting Re-Brand and Website


Upon completion of brand assessment and rebranding process, to develop a logo and website that reflects the AVF Consulting brand and connects with its nonprofit audience.


  1. AVF Consulting is launching a rebranding project to closely identify with nonprofit clients only (previously focused on various market segments).
  2. Website is dated and in need of cleaner more effective look that will communicate the new brand and messaging to nonprofit market and better reflect AVF Consulting’s value proposition (its talented staff and nonprofit expertise).
  3. Website needs to provide a better platform for regular content updates that inform existing and potential clients.
  4. Website needs to better integrate analytics and SEO, and provide better mobile navigation.

Brand Position (our desired position among the current competitive landscape)

AVF Consulting offers complex nonprofits an unmatched combination of expertise in nonprofit accounting and proven Microsoft Dynamics technology. We leverage extensive experience and a singular focus in the nonprofit sector to develop solutions that meet the individualized financial and data management needs of our clients.

Brand Attributes (distinct qualities or descriptors of the AVF brand)

  • Knowledgeable – about nonprofits and the product
  • Experienced – proven success helping complex nonprofits
  • Quality Work Product – development with no bugs
  • Responsive – commitment to accessibility and follow-through
  • Trusted – providing guidance based on nonprofit experience
  • Flexible – working collaboratively and creatively to help clients solve challenges

Brand Character / Tone of Voice (how the brand “speaks” to the target audience)

  • Sharp, detail-oriented but concise
  • Direct, implying a sense of assurance
  • Passionate about the end result (empowering nonprofits to manage their data)
  • Clear and straightforward language (not a lot of industry jargon)
  • Friendly, honest and helpful personality
  • Practical, flexible and collaborative in work style
  • Sincere, honest
  • Confident (without being cocky); knowledgeable and informed
  • Consistently reliable

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